Market Segmentation and Coverage

After more than 27 years of good expertise in the Lebanese market, SFS nowadays covers up to Five sectors in the Lebanese market  to ensure that our products are delivered to all end consumers in all areas and at all times.

At first comes the Retail Sector, where our Sales team is capable of covering all Key Accounts, Hyper markets, Super markets, Mini markets and groceries

Our bakers make sure to cover the majority of bakeries and pastries all over Lebanon with raw material, mixes, improvers etc, essential for daily consumption of the end consumer.

Food Service is also a sector we fully cover, including Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airlines, schools and coffee shops.

Moreover, we have a great coverage from smallest to biggest wholesalers in the Lebanese market.

Finally, comes the Medical Sector to include Pharmacies and Diet Centers where a selection of our products is available to all health targeted consumers.